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Existing High Wire Adventure Courses

ALTUS has built 185 climbing parks in 19 countries

  • 102 Grand Adventure Courses
  • 67 Children Adventure Courses
  • 8 Giant Zip Wires
  • 1 Zip Course
  • 3 Challenge Courses
  • 4 Cliffhanger Courses
Drapeau USA

10 grand courses
1 children's course
  Drapeau Royaume Uni

30 grand courses
14 children's courses
1giant zip wire

1 challenge course
  Drapeau Allemagne Germany
5 grand courses
4 children's courses
2 giant zip wire
  Drapeau Norvège

3 grand courses
3 children's courses
1 giant zip wire
2 cliffhanger courses
  Drapeau Danemark Danemark
1 grand course
1 children's course
  Drapeau Danemark
1 grand course
1 children's course
  Drapeau Estonie Estonia
1 grand course
1 children's course
1 giant zip wire
  Drapeau Suisse
1 grand course
1 challenge course
  Drapeau Italie
1 cliffhanger course
  Drapeau Italie
1 grand course
1 giant zip wire
World map featuring Altus adventure courses
Drapeau Portugal
1 grand course
2 children's courses
  Drapeau Espagne
4 grand courses
2 children's course
  Drapeau France

21 grand courses
16 children's courses
1 giant zip wire
1 zip course
1 challenge course
1 cliffhanger course
  Drapeau Suisse

2 grand courses
1 children's course

1 giant zip wire
  Drapeau Singapour Malaysia
1 grand course
1 children's course
  Drapeau Singapour Singapore
1 grand course
2 children's course
  Drapeau Chine
2 grand courses
1 children's course
  Drapeau Chine Australia
1 grand course
1 children's course
  Drapeau Japon

16 grand courses
9 children's courses


Some clients' comments

Tristram Mayhew founder of Go Ape "For me setting up and running an adventure course business has been life transforming. It has allowed me to exit the rat race of the corporate world, take control of my life and destiny, and do something that I feel is fundamentally worthwhile with my life...'creating adventures and encouraging everyone to live life adventurously'.
It has enabled me to work with a really great bunch of people, our French friends and colleagues from Altus, and an inspirational bunch of properly motivated, talented and outdoors loving people who are like a second family.
Go Ape doesn’t seem like work. It is an adventure in itself and I still pinch myself that I get paid to do it."

Tristram Mayhew founder of Go Ape - The world's largest high wire adventure course operator

Masaki Taguwa and Ichiro Kanamaru, Altus distributors in Japan"The Adventure Park business has definitely been an “Adventure” for us.
As the very first and sole distributors in Japan, we had the exciting task of introducing a new concept in our country.
An outdoor forest activity implies that some elements are out of our control and we have learnt that the most important factors in our business are “passion” and “perseverance”.
Our greatest satisfaction is that our customers love their courses; it is always very gratifying to see happy customers.
Our main priority is for all participants to enjoy the activity, to feel happy and to get home safely.
So far we have been successful in our mission."

Masaki Taguwa and Ichiro Kanamaru - Altus partners and exclusive distributors in Japan


Stéphanie Besse - Forestadventure, Singapore"I think the biggest reward I get from Forest Adventure is to see young children pulling all their mighty courage together and complete the course. Some really struggle at first and eventually pull it through with the largest grins on their face!
Singapore is an urban city where academic success plays a very large part of children development. There isn’t really an avenue nor a culture to expose kids to anything remotely adventurous, let alone “risky”. I think Forest Adventure in Singapore is helping to change this, with an increasing number of parents and young adults realising that many life skills are better learned outside 4 walls!..."

Stéphanie Besse, Singapore

Tim Davis - Trollaktiv, Norway"I'm especially satisfied that the courses suit family groups so well."

Tim Davis, Norway



Jenny and Dan D'Agostino - Go Ape Usa"Laughter, excitement, trepidation, achievement...if an Adventure Course participant isn't experiencing all or some of these emotions, then it isn't a true Go Ape Adventure Course. After feeling most of these emotions on our first visit to a Go Ape Adventure Course, my wife and I knew that we wanted to be associated with this business.
While our work can be challenging at times, it is an extremely rewarding business because it’s all about making our visitors feel gratifying emotions."

Jenny and Dan D’Agostino, USA

Andrew Cooper - Adventure Activities"We are delighted with the mobile ropes course and with the terrific service from Altus. Our highly experienced, Altus trained staff can erect the course in as little as 1 hour when required, and it has been experienced by 50,000 children and adults in schools and at major public attractions across Northern Ireland.
We have received praise from Government Ministers, school teachers, parents and most importantly the young people who enjoy the sense of freedom and achievement regardless of their abilities."

Andrew Cooper, Northern Ireland

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